Project History

Airex engineering and design capabilities are well suited for specialized projects in magnetic components. We have participated in projects in industries from Military Programs, Semiconductor, and Life Science programs to Solar and Photonics Applications. Some highlighted programs include:

Space Systems:
Space Systems
  • Designed and developed magnetic bearing prototypes with Louisiana State University for satellite antenna pointing systems modeled on MILSTAR requirements.
  • Designed, prototyped and built low-cogging motors for Jet Propulsion Laboratory for system analysis and flight unit evaluation on the Mission to Planet Earth program.
  • Designed, prototyped, built and tested space flight quality transformers for NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center for application in the Cassini Mission to Saturn.
  • Designed, prototyped, built and tested high performance freon replacement compressor components for a space station application for Create/Fairchild. Developed and manufactured a magnetic wave guide switch for Alcatel Ltd. (France) under the European Space Agency’s TurkSat program.
Emerging Technology in Linear Motors/Magnetic Bearings
Emerging Technology in Linear Motors/Magnetic Bearings
  • Designed models and prototypes for a magnetic bearing demonstration platform with University of Kentucky and National Laboratories for LA Air Force Base.
  • Designed and developed the smallest commercial integrated low-cogging, brushless DC linear motor for semiconductor inspection equipment.
  • Designed, developed and manufactured linear drive motors to equate DVD access time with PC hard drives currently in worldwide distribution.
  • Designed, developed, and integrated low cogging, linear motors with high-end, commercial linear slides for leading linear bearing manufacturer.
  • Designed, developed, and manufactured linear actuators for platform stabilization in wafer cleaning/etching equipment for lithography.
Aerospace Programs:
Aerospace Programs
  • Developed and manufactured linear actuators to optimize copper form and fill factors for cryogenic coolers in the aircraft and missile applications.
  • Advanced component design and manufacturing for high performance gyro programs, including AMRAAM and Cruise Missile Program. Advanced manufacturing of magnetic bearing assembly used to reduce vibration in airborne platforms for imaging in aircraft surveillance systems.
  • Designed and developed laminations, test mechanisms and wound magnetic assemblies for MOD 21 gyro motors used in USAF fighter jets.
Medical Program Applications:
Medical Program Applications
  • Designed and developed a stationary isolation transformer for vascular imaging designed for diagnosis and evaluation of arterial disorders.
  • Designed and developed a rotary transformer with Hewlett/Packard on innovative cardiac imaging products designed for diagnosis/evaluation of heart treatments. Designed and developed factory automation systems for Medical Instruments for a low cogging, high torque motor for surgical instruments.
  • Developed and manufactured high reliability magnetics in support of an outpatient method of prostate surgery treatment.
Undersea Programs:
Undersea Programs
  • Designed and prototyped a low-cogging, 200 HP electric motor to investigate long range torpedo propulsion systems for the Naval Undersea Laboratory.
  • Designed and developed two-phase toroidal motors and associated manufacturing activity for the MK50 Torpedo guidance system. Low cogging motor design on a “quiet” propulsion motor for the unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV) program.
Military Drone Aircraft:
Military Drone Aircraft
  • Developed a flexure-based,multiple degree-of-freedom Voice Coil Actuator for a fast steering mirror used in both offensive and defensive weapons systems. This design mandated low loss windings with an extremely efficient thermal path. A focused magnet system allowed the required performance within a very limited electrical power budget.All components were manufactured and assembled in-house to military standardsfor fast response to the customer need.
Strategic Missile Programs:
Strategic Missile Programs
  • Automated winding processes and provided test windings for USAF on SFIR magnetic components for the Peacekeeper and Trident missile programs.
  • Designed, prototyped, and built mechanical assemblies for the SFIR guidance system as areplacement for discontinued chemical-based manufacturing processes.
  • Developed specialized stack coating and inspection methods for the US Navy’s 10 PIGA guidance system torque motor stator. Automated manufacturing techniques with Ferranti Precision Products Division for magnetic components designed for the Trident Missile Program