Rotary Motors

Rotary Motors

Airex Rotary Motor Designs are low-cogging, toothless kit motors that range from less than 1″ to over 18″ in diameter. Design and manufacturing steps include computer-aided design, prototype development, performance verification and environmental testing. In optical and magnetic data storage systems, this rotary motor will provide the highest value in an exceptionally small package.

The Airex low-cogging brushless DC motor line offers fine position and rate control over a wide dynamic range. Our low-cogging motors are used in semi-conductor processing, commercial scanning, centrifuge, inspection and PCB component assembly and inspection equipment. These motors are designed for applications where virtually vibration free operation is required. Our Rotary Motors can eliminate the need for lengthy, expensive noise reduction programs and provide exceptionally low velocity ripple. In open loop mode, velocity ripple of .01 – 1% have been routinely achieved.

Airex manufactures highly reliable motors and magnetic components for space, medical, defense and commercial use. The development of “zig-zag” type windings provide exceptionally low velocity ripple for low-torque applications, allowing Airex designs to lead the industry in super low-cogging motors for high precision rotational movement. Our manufacturing systems are approved to the ISO 9001 standard as well as military, space and other commercial requirements. Our motors deliver precise, repeatable performance over a wide range of applications.

This Airex RBL Series has many advantages over conventional motor technologies, including custom designs. The super low-cogging stator designs allow exceptionally smooth operation. The back EMF wave shape is compatible with sinusoidal commutation, resulting in unsurpassed system performance. The high peak-to-continuous force ratio and the very low inductance typical in these designs allow exceptionally fast response. Additionally, high performance rare-earth magnets will not demagnetize under extreme temperatures.


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RBL 3.25 Rotary Motor RBL 5.5 Rotary Motor RBL 7 Rotary Motor RBL 11 Rotary Motor

  • Exceptionally high peak torque
  • Fully molded windings
  • Powerful rare earth magnets
  • Internal thermistor & case thermostat
  • Toothless low cogging stator
  • Simple mounting on 6.25″ bold circle
  • Thermally conductive design
  • Sinusoidal or hall effect commutation
  • Extra large air gap for easy installation
  • 6′ Cable standard